J Rooting.

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Re: J Rooting.

Post by zoelechat »

You make too quick assumptions, you don't know what's inside :)
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Re: J Rooting.

Post by ulster444 »

Hi, seems I can't enable developer mode as Smart Hub likes to send me privacy statement from their website. Obviously I blocked neccesary stuff on router.
Is there any other method to enable it?
Or should I unblock on router some domain to let it connect with internet? Which domain? Won;t it get in meantime latest update? Any help appreciated


maybe server didin't worked properly but today it went with no problems.

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Re: J Rooting.

Post by mikich »

I'm interested in root mode for my UE40J6300AWXXH . I have FW 1215. I can see it is available for donors only but I can't see the way to donate.
I want to install Skype and according to szt I need a root to do it.
szt wrote:
Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:54 am
- you get official Tizen skype app from someone, got root, you could somehow run it (but there still a chance that it will not work).
- put android skype app in TV and make it work(you need something like http://www.openmobileww.com/products-an ... acl-works/, also require root).

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Re: J Rooting.

Post by mrc333777 »

got my first smart tv, samsung un40j5200af i did update the firmware to 1150 for usa. and i just happened to find a new power supply and new main board off ebay for 17 dollars for both that came out of a tv that had cracked screen from shipping. i wanted a backup in case i jacked up the original board, anyways it has like firmware 1000 or something, cant remember. can anything be modded on this one? oh and this new board i have not hooked
to the internet, so no updates have been done. i did download the usb of firmware 1150 and 1022 from the samsung support.
waiting for a reply before i continue this journey.

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