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smart iptv help

Post by ruffturbo123 »

Hi everyone, I need some help with this iptv channel lists. I just don't get it I've tried uploading so many different lists without any success. I have kodi set it up no problems. .what am I missing are there movie streaming urls as I would find in kodi? Can someone please help. ...explain it to me as if I were a 2yr old thanks

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Re: smart iptv help

Post by bosnaboi »

Can you just Post the beginning of your M3U list to see if there is a Problem?

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Re: smart iptv help

Post by eRd »

I have other problem. I can't find Smart Iptv app on Smart hub but i've installed it from pendrive. It work without problem (problem is when you upload list with more than c.a. 1200 channels - also online save) but after restart the app is disappearing. I've turned off update od Smart hub but without succes. TV is deleting the app.
Could I make it stay forever?
I have ue55j6250 with 1530 firmware

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Re: smart iptv help

Post by showbizz »

I got exactly the same problem now ..
I install the app from pendrive..
i start it..
shotdown down tv
when i turn it on again, it remove my app, even when auto update is off :(

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