Implementation of vertical and horizontal sharpness?

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Implementation of vertical and horizontal sharpness?

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Hey guys,

it's my first post so forgive me possible mistakes.

So I want to use the service menu on my Samsung UE40J6350 (UE40J6350SUXZG) (panel: 40A1AF0WJ)

But for now I don't want to setup PVR or anything like that. If possible I "just" want to raise the horizontal display sharpness.

Why? I had to use a 10 year old FHD LG-TV last week and played Red Dead Redemption 2 on my PS4 Pro with supersampling.
The game runs not in native 4k on the Pro but in 1920x2160 which is upscaled to 4k via checkerboard rendering.
This makes the game (and other games with the same "issue") look washed out, it just feels not right (but playable).

So when I saw that even this 10 year old LG-TV offers seperate adjustments for horizontal and vertikal sharpness,
I turned horizontal higher and was impressed HOW MUCH better the game looked, damn close to 4k and way better than before.

Now that I use my beloved J6350 again I was wondering if it would be possible to implement this "feature" in some way.

I'd be happy to here from you!

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