Looking for UE55JS8005TXXE Service Manual

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Looking for UE55JS8005TXXE Service Manual

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Tried to google every possible combination of words, but no luck :evil:
I know, that the version is for Nordic countries, if I would know the international model number, then it becomes easy, but I have no idea.

The reason to find it is simple, I have a strange problem with the backlight (it doesn't work in the center(vertically), but as I know let strips located horizontally). Want to replace it, but need to know what to order before disassembly it.
Samsung 55" LED-TV UE55F8005STXXE (SW: T-FXPDEUC-1118.0 == DATE: 2014-04-25 == MICOM: T-FOXDEUS2-1003 DTP-SDAL-FOXP-DEU023-1703)


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