[APP] Hyperion (Ambilight)

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Re: [APP] Hyperion (Ambilight)

Post by bugficks »

im using debian/linux 'standards' :)
anyways should be easily fixable if someone wants to.
im just an observer...

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Re: [APP] Hyperion (Ambilight)

Post by rakuri »

So i repaired the symlinks for use with fat/ntfs system.
I also added an working config file and an init.

I only use hyperiond.sh with forwarder to send framebuffer to my external Hyperion-server.

Have fun.
Now im also just an observer... :lol:
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Re: [APP] Hyperion (Ambilight)

Post by TheOfficialMrBlah »

After I tried a lot to install Hyperion on the TV and did not make it, I would like to know if there might be a guide or someone could help me.

Thanks a lot!

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