Cannot Find UN32J5003AFXZA Firmware Download

Here is information about customize your J series firmware.
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Cannot Find UN32J5003AFXZA Firmware Download

Post by OldBrokeMan » Thu Apr 05, 2018 1:01 am


I have a couple of UN32J5003AFXZA TV's (they are not smart) that were purchased a few months apart.

They obviously have different firmware revisions, as some of the menu features vary between the two.

I would like to put matching firmware revisions in both TV's for the sake of my own sanity.

Samsung does not offer any firmware downloads for them whatsoever.

I would like help in figuring out which (if any) of the firmwares posted would work for these TV's.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Cannot Find UN32J5003AFXZA Firmware Download

Post by homesweethome » Thu Aug 02, 2018 2:00 am

Man this sucks!

I grabbed a UN32J5003 second hand and the sound doesn't work!

Believe its a UN32J5003AFXZA. Its a 32" with 2 little V like legs on the ends. ... 5003afxza/

Anyway, took the thing apart, broke the frame (BECAUSE THEY WERE NEVER MEANT TO BE TAKEN APART!? Despite the 8-9 screws in the back there was no way to get the back actually off without breaking the frame), checked the audio circuits only to find out that the speakers were fine, but for some reason a perfectly good looking chip kept sending "thup… thup… thup" out the audio circuits. Line 4 or the black wire I think(?) of the second speaker didn't return any voltage at all which I thought was odd. Anyway not sure what the heck happened to make the audio fail, since it is sending out little thups, just not actual music or anything, but I realized the firmware is at 1010.2 and maybe needs an upgrade to fix what looks like a good working chip.

Here is what audio support on my tv said:
Model Code: UN32J5003
Software Version: T-MXL1JAUSC-1010.2

Its not a smart TV, it actually kind of sucks compared to other TVs in its class - No 3.5 in or out!? Are you kidding me!? But I got it for somewhat cheap. Anyway I found this website:
Which reads as
Firmware for Samsung UN32J5003AFXZA

Just downloaded it and going to try flashing it on my TV to see if it will fix the sound problem. Samsung also posted this on their website:

Audio drops out while streaming video on demand -
While streaming from VOD apps, such as Netflix, HBO Now, YouTube, or Hulu, you may have experienced the audio dropping out on your 2015 Smart TV (J4300 - J6200 Series). Updating your firmware to version 1030.0 or higher will take care of this for you.

I love the absolute cryptic nonsense of all this. I am really glad I found this website. But just what does a non-smart tv, that calls itself UN32J5003 in software (notice the missing AFXZA) have to do with smart tvs that range in the J4300 - J6200 series? I mean, why is this one dumb and the others smart? Will their firmware brick my already botched TV? We will find out soon.

Also found another firmware website, will update when I find the link.

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Re: Cannot Find UN32J5003AFXZA Firmware Download

Post by homesweethome » Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:21 am

Slight update:

Did the firmware upgrade to .1023 and .1015. Didn't restore sound. Looking at replacing motherboard for $10. Going to give it another shot will update when have more to tell.

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