usb sticks running hot idle on UE48JU6000

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usb sticks running hot idle on UE48JU6000

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I find it pretty curious any USB sticks inserted in the Samsung UE48JU6000 TV run _hot_ like data is being read and written all the time while nothing is actually happening.. Makes me wonder if our Samsung TV is putting needless strain on them and wearing them out prematurely..
The tv is capable of recording though not of timeshifting.
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Re: usb sticks running hot idle on UE48JU6000

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This is common to a lot of consumer products like media players/tvs/set-top-boxes which are passively cooled. Internal heat is dissipated on all metal surfaces, including the usb connectors. To isolate your stick from the heat try to use a usb extender cable.
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