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channinfo patch

Post by pelnamoc » Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:06 pm


I have tv SAMSUNG LE32C650 L1W XXH. Currently it has firmware T-VALDEUC-1008.3.

What I'm looking for is so that after changing TV channel it would show for a while extended information about the current program (for digital TV channels from the EPG guide). Many TV's do so that automatically. Unfortunately this one does not display anything after I change channel. So I have to press "I - info" button each time after I change channel.

How could I solve this problem?

I have read wiki and it seems that I need "channinfo patch" from "injectable exeDSP patches". However amount of work to get it working somewhat scares me. Besides it seems that I need special vga2serial cable as backup. I never hacked tv before. Though I do run linux.

Is there a simpler way to solve my problem?
What's this "guide+" which I supposedly can enable via service menu?
Do i need this vga2serial as fail-safe?
which way I would root this tv ?
Would installing more recent version of fw solved the problem? for example T-VALDEUC-3018.1 or T-VALDEUC-3015?
could i solve my problem via service menu?


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