UE40C6700 bricked on firmware downgrade

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Re: UE40C6700 bricked on firmware downgrade

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hmm would it probably be possible to measure which pins are set high or low at a working TV ?!

A Datasheet surely would be very likeable ... but so far I havent found anything about this Chip ...

Yes I agree about the switch ... if it had no function why should it be located next to the Chip!? probably it?s possible to measure if the not soldered pads of the switch are connected to the Weltrend Chip ?!
As I saw at the Service Manual it is a normal micro switch with 4 Pins which is soldered to the board if it is assembled.


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Re: UE40C6700 bricked on firmware downgrade

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maggggggggggus wrote:Hi!

I've located the MICOM in my TV:
There are four solder pads. When I measure the voltage level of these four pads (compared to GND), i saw that pads A and C have 0V and B and D have 3,3 V.

What is the next step?
This switch is to toggle DEBUG mode when you cant enable it using SM, it's equivalent to set DEBUG into RS232 mode into SM. I've used it some month ago. Some TV has a button, some haven't and you must solder the switch yourself.
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