TV bricked fiddling with SM

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Re: TV bricked fiddling with SM

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souradiproy wrote:Thank you so much guys. :D :) I had to try for almost 2 hours, cuz in the middle, it just played the startup sound, and sometimes the LED lit up but as soon as I powered off, same thing , but finally I did it. Had to brush up the area near the microschemes, as I think the connection during shot sustained somehow. Not very sure. :?:

Anyways, now my concern are the settings in SM, as I am not very sure of them. I did make them work, but I am not sure whether they are the same as it originally was. Any help?

Also, is PVR actually supported on my model? I was wondering, as you guys said, that PVR requires DVB tuner, and as per the specs, I do have it, though its DVB-T, but then again i checked some other models, and none of them have DVB-S, though they have PVR : ... cification ... cification

So, is there any chance that PVR can be enabled?

And how can I hack it via USB, for like telnets and other apps. I dont have an ex-Link cable. :(
Hi souradiproy,

I have the same, or very similar tv, from this old post of yours.

Can you please explain how is that you make it work? DO you remember step by step?
I changed something in the Service Menu (DTV country from Peru to Argentina) and it never switch on again. Just the blinking red led 6 times.

I really appreciate any extra details on how you did it.

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Re: TV bricked fiddling with SM

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Hi everyone!

I have a Samsung UN40C5000QM. Yesterday entered Service Menu and walked through it but I guess I missed some configuration (DTV from Peru to Argentina) and now when plugged to the wall and turn on standby LED blinks 6 times and goes off, after some seconds it blinks 6 times again a goes off and repeats infinitely.

Tried doing EEPROM reset with pins 5 & 6 and with 4 & 5. Pins 5 & 6 seems to do nothing, but pins 4 & 5 make standby LED go off after I try to turn the TV on with RC and a few seconds after it starts to blink 3 times rapidly and off, and again 3 times and off an so on.

I don't know what to do. A few weeks ago I made it repair the source board (changed ICB801, a capacitor and a fuse) and worked liked new again, but I made a mistake with Service Menu evidently. Hope you guys can help me!

Cheers from Argentina!

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