PVR + easy movie play together

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PVR + easy movie play together

Post by Cichas »

anybody knows any way how to allow PVR together with Media Play without need to select correct USB after every start of Media Play?

It looks like TV prefer XFS devices (black colored) which are a must for PVR. Everytime they are first in the list. You need to change USB first (red button A) then you are able to play your movies or watch photos.

What I tried:

Put movie/photo onto XFS disk itself. TV will not even try to find it, only TV recordings are allowed on XFS.

Created two partitions on USB stick. FAT32 + XFS then changed order to XFS + FAT32. In both cases XFS partition was first in Media Play.

Created virtual XFS USB. Bind it with remote NFS to have 1TB etc. for recordings (drawback - at least 1GB useless file on NFS (NTFS drive) which can be lowered to ~20MB at cost of complexity).

Code: Select all

mkdir -p /tmp/xfs
mount -t nfs -o tcp,soft,nolock /tmp/xfs
mkfs.xfs -f -d file,name=/tmp/xfs/pvrimage,size=1536m
insmod dummy_hcd.ko
insmod g_file_storage.ko file=/tmp/xfs/pvrimage
mount -o bind /tmp/xfs /dtv/usb/sdb
SamyGO Virt. USB (XFS) was again the first device in Media Play. :(
At least PVR seems to work flawleslly in this setup.

Any other idea what to try, please?

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Re: PVR + easy movie play together

Post by tempinbox »

Is possible to do this with cifs share instead of nfs share?
I have modified g-filestorage and vusb.init script by pohybel
what i have to modify in script for doing your trick? could you explain it with more details?

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