UA46C5000 Reboots Upon Scan

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UA46C5000 Reboots Upon Scan

Post by nashw » Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:09 am

Hi all

I have an Australian market UA46C5000QFXXY that reboots after scan is selected.

Yesterday we had a power outage for about 3 hours, but there must have been just a slight trickle of power coming through as the TV was powering on and off again a number of times before I noticed and pulled the power cord. It was connected to a decent surge protection power board and a number of other connected devices were able to power up during this time - for example Mac mini, external hard drives.

After the power came back, it appeared the EEPROM had been erased as the TV thought it had a board replacement.

I managed to follow the instructions at ... ed_tip.pdf for my panel name of T460FAE1-FA, which gave me the type of 46L6UF0E. This gave me the following settings:
Local Set: AD_Au - appears to be the correct local set as it is the only one that references "au"
Model: UC5000 - appears correct
Tuner: SEMPT082
Front Colour: T-R-Blk

This gave me back working HDMI inputs etc and took away the board replacement message at startup, however after prompting to run a scan, selecting OK results in a reboot after a brief moment. Selecting scan from the menu (after selecting cancel) gives the same results.

Is AD_Au the correct local type for Australia?
Is SEMPT082 the correct tuner? If not, can I play with the tuner settings without bricking?

Either way, any advice to get the tuner working again would be appreciated.


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Re: UA46C5000 Reboots Upon Scan

Post by nashw » Tue Nov 04, 2014 10:50 am

OK so I went out on a limb and tried the different tuner models - here are the results:

SEMPT082 - Reboots TV at OK prompt to auto-store channels
SEMPA081 - No reboot, no channels found
DRXKSEMCO - No reboot, no channels found
S2Semco - No reboot, no channels found
T2CXD - No reboot, no channels found
DRSKSEM_E - No reboot, no channels found
DRXKALPS - No reboot, 20+ channels found

Will trial this setting for a while and post back if there are any strange results.

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