Black screen and audio only Samsung SmartTV UE40J5200AKXZT

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Black screen and audio only Samsung SmartTV UE40J5200AKXZT

Post by AndreatheKING »

Hi, I'm Andrea from Parma (Italy)
I'll explain my problem
I have a SAMSUNG SmartTV - Model Code: UE40J5200AKXZT
Last week I accessed the TV as usual but could only hear the audio ..... I tried to turn it on and off several times but nothing, just audio. I tried to keep it off for more than 40min by unplugging all the cables and turning it back on but still nothing

The screen is totally black and the menu cannot be displayed.

Can you help me please? ... only the week before I changed the remote control that at any moment is not gone.

It is very strange, however, that suddenly, without reason, everything starts like this ... almost at the same time, as if the breaking date had been programmed ..... maybe with the latest updates ...

I don't know how to proceed, whether to install a new firmware or the 0000 from USB, or change components ... can you help me please?


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Re: Black screen and audio only Samsung SmartTV UE40J5200AKXZT

Post by guily6669 »

Have you tried Service menu to see if the panels come alive there? But anyway that sounds like an hardware problem to me.

I have a old non smart TV from samsung that had the same exact problem, it turned on, but was all black, neither the backlight or the LCD panel were turning on and my parents sent for repair, they had to change something inside, maybe the motherboard, I have no idea...

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