Screwed my UA55JU7500KLXL

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Screwed my UA55JU7500KLXL

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Hello all,

I was a proud owner of UA55JU7500KLXL 10 days back. Initially all was well until the tv auto updated to Version : 1442.0 After the update most of the apps either didnt open or didnt work as desired. So tried reseting the samsung hub from scratch and now it refused to even install any app. It started showing error 105 saying the app is not compatible with the Tv. So decided to Factory reset using the service menu and this is where the tragedy happened. I was in service menu and i got an important call to attend and left the tv in service menu and my 2 yr old daughter played around with it. Came back to my horror i decided to reset the eeprom and restarted the TV. First and foremost the menu language was in korean but i was able to change the language and it went as far as welcome screen. Now the first issue was it was able to ditect the wired connection but it says the internaet not stable so not able to download the terms and conditions. On wireless it is not able to find any network at all. Second all my hdmi port mapping has gone haywire. Physical port is 4 but shows as 1 in the TV etc. Plus on every start up it says i have to set local front color option.

My first question is how to change all the options in the service menu to its default. Will a firmware flash will do it?

If yes how can i reflash the firmware of the same version on top? Right now it says im using the latest firmware as the tv and the firmware file on the samsung website belongs to version : 1442.0 So it refuses to flash the firmware from the usb. Is there any mod that can be done so the tv flashes the firmware? Please help as this is my first tizen tv and im scared if i call samsung i might loose warranty and will end up replacng the motherboard.

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