Not playing any media from USB or external HD

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Not playing any media from USB or external HD

Post by frankasi » Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:56 pm

Hi guys, I know this might be possible already asked and replied here but I've been reading a lot of threats and sofar not found any answer, so I dare to ask. I have a UN48J6500 TV bought for about a year already in Chile, brought it home and I was delighted , it play everything from the external gadgets, but for about a month started not recognizing files ,movies, music etc inside the HD, then the USB as well.
I did a factory reset and in worked again but only for the USD flash memories. Recently it got worst and now no recognition at all from HD or USB sticks.
I tried to upgrade the firmware but though I put the new version inside it also says no upgrade available, i am afraid it has to do with the situation of not been able to read anything inside the media carrier. So any one knows what to do?
Thanks I am from CUba, so very hard internet access. No online solution. Have to do everything manually.
Thanks in advance

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