help to unbrick ua40ju7000 please

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help to unbrick ua40ju7000 please

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hi friends
from service menu i changed tuner and region settings and after restart it can only play usb flash disk and smart view on mobile
no menu or service menu or even control volume
main board BN94-09068D
screen CY-G040FLLV1V
I connected sda to ground and plug ac for 20 sec and unplug ac then connect ac but nothing changed
connected scl to ground and same results
sda to scl
and sda to vcc
scl to vcc
need to reset eeprom please
best regards
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Re: help to unbrick ua40ju7000 please

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Does SDA to Ground turn the TV off at least? That's what it does for me. Otherwise I don't know, I'm in the same issue as you with my J6201. Need to EEPROM reset but don't know how.

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