How do I download BBC iplayer?

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How do I download BBC iplayer?

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I have a Canadian BD-J7500 and I am using a DNS service so that I can watch BBC iplayer. This works fine on my laptop but I cannot find BBC iplayer on my BD-J7500. I have entered the correct DNS settings on the BD player but I can only download US apps. What else do I have to do to fool it that I'm in the UK?

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Re: How do I download BBC iplayer?

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You need to change the region of your player to UK. Start the initial setup when prompted to Service Agreement press fast forward (>>)289(<<)rewind on your remote, window with list of countries should pop up, choose UK, and you will have UK smart Hub, you will loose all Canadian apps though. Or you can download widget from the USB, if you can find the zip file of this widget on any of the related sites. Widget logo will not be visible in this case, but app should work.

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