Re: [App] White Raven V0.4.1 for J series Tizen (Testers are needed.)

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Re: [App] White Raven V0.4.1 for J series Tizen (Testers are needed.)

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White Raven for J series Tizen - Version 0.4.1 - Torrent Streaming App

The first Tizen version of White Raven can be downloaded from the attachments.
The downloaded zip archive contains the WhiteRaven.wgt file.
This can be installed with Tizen Studio on J or newer type Samsung Tizen televisions.

This version of White Raven does not require root because the server is running on a separate computer.
The server can be downloaded from GitHub for Windows, Linux and ARMv7.

It is very easy to use.
  1. Start the wrserver executable.
  2. Start the installed White Raven application on the television.

The goal would be to make a standalone version running on a rooted television.
Just like the legacy one: White Raven for E/F/H series - Version 0.4.1.

Thanks for helping me with the testing.
Any comments are welcome.
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