root password set ? tizen 2.2.0 magnolia

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Re: root password set ? tizen 2.2.0 magnolia

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back to technical:

when I try open shell,
the same port is contacted on the TV 26101,
and seems the TV asked for open shell,
seems the TV is sending back : closed,

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Re: root password set ? tizen 2.2.0 magnolia

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Look at SDK log, shell connection is also refused to it. Door closed, all :)
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Re: root password set ? tizen 2.2.0 magnolia

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bugficks wrote:
Wed Feb 15, 2017 3:17 pm
there is next to nothing you can teach us about rooting/accessing tizen:)
since you have dumps, load sdbd into ida and check
Does this statement means that you already checked sdbd for vuln and didn't find any or you just encouraging to do it?
I wanna ask under what user are running commands invoked over sdb(without enabled root )? Is it even worth to try look for vuln via sdb? I know there is root for K series but unfortunately my firmware is newer so no luck for me yet.

I'm wondering if was possible with older fw pull files from TV (K series) without root via sdb or it was fixed recently? My tv isn't allowing it even files which I've pushed in to it.

Thank you

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