KU6400 5.1 passthrough

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Re: KU6400 5.1 passthrough

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Ive been beavering away for days tbh. Time to suck it up and raid the bank for a 4k receiver i think :)

Thanks very much for your help tho, you have saved me dozens of hours on google i just know it. Plus i got to find this great little forum for the tv.

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Re: KU6400 5.1 passthrough

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zoelechat wrote:
Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:24 am
Use media player/codec (e.g. MPC-HC/LAV filters) supporting bitstream, simple as that. FYI DTS passthrough works as well :)
I did the same and everything is working fine here. DTS and DolbyDigital passthrough OK!

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