Decrypt srf from UE32k5500akxxc

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Decrypt srf from UE32k5500akxxc

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Im new in these type of forums so I would like to explain myself first.

Well, I have 2 samsung TVs, UE32K5500AKXXC as said in the topic and UE37ES6100WXXC. I recorded a TV program from the UE32K5500AKXXC to an external drive. I tried to play it in my PC and it didnt work. I started searching and I found this forum with a lot of new things to me.
I think I need to root my TV and obtain the .key file for every recording (already done or a new recording that im going to do), then I need to use a tool like destroi or drmdecrypt to actually decrypt that .srf file and convert it to .ts (and then to mp4 or something) so it's playable in any other device.

So the question is, is it possible to root any of my TVs, obtain the key file and decrypt the srf so I can play those files in any other device? And of course, if its possible, could I have a "noob guide"?

Thanks a lot.

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