Extended Serve Menu for Enabling PVR?

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Extended Serve Menu for Enabling PVR?

Post by SzolnoK »

I want to enable PVR and PIP mode on my KS8500 TV. I know i need to enter extended service menu and change my region to Caribbe for this. And i also need send Factory + 3SPEED to TV.
But how can i do that?

I don't have a cellphone which have infrared option (hard to find one a cell phone with IR nowadays). So i can't download APK (App SRC) and send the codes from my phone. There is no APP for iPhone as i know too. I don't have a programable universal remote

So how can i do it? Is there any more possible way to do that?

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Re: Extended Serve Menu for Enabling PVR?

Post by juusso »

Yes, stright on Wiki there iš more ways described.
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