How to Enable PVR on Canadian UN55KU7000

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How to Enable PVR on Canadian UN55KU7000

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Hello all,

I purchased a UN55KU7000 in Canada in 2016. As you might know, PVR is hidden and not enabled on SAMSUNG TVs sold in Canada!

Please note that I want to record OTA channels using my TV's tuner from the HTDV antenna and nothing else.

I searched a lot for long but there is no info about enabling PVR on this model anywhere. There are tons of videos and how-to's on other models in Asia and Europe. I did try them all but still nothing.

This is what I have done so far. I manged to successfully enter the service menu and the advanced service menu (using service remote app on my phone) but there is no "Local Set" tab to change. I can only change language and region(USA and KOR available from the list ONLY) but nothing else. There is also an "Extended PVR" tab which can be turned ON but after exiting the service menu, it seems to revert back to OFF and the PVR still does not work using a flash drive or an HDD.

Any info about how to successfully enable PVR on this model is appreciated.

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