HDR turned on, TV never had HDR

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HDR turned on, TV never had HDR

Post by Zied »

Hello people,

I did something very stupid.

I wen't to the service menu and turned on "HDR PLUS support" my tv doesn't even have support for hdr so everything whats dark(black) is now green. Tried to turn off this option still got the problem. I've resseted my tv to factory and also my screen. I still got this issue. If I connect my laptop everything is okay. But whenever I turn on my playstation 4 or just launch netflix, youtube the green tint is back. So this looks like it effects hdr supported devices or apps only.

Model: ue40k6300

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Re: HDR turned on, TV never had HDR

Post by velnik »

Hello, did you try to restart the smart HUB ?

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