[App] srf decrypt for HKMFK/JZM

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[App] srf decrypt for HKMFK/JZM

Post by racocvr » Thu Mar 22, 2018 3:16 pm

Command line tool to convert a .srf file to decrypted .ts file. I only tested it on HKMFK so no idea if it works on other firmware types.

- copy srf_decrypt from the zip to the tv (i.e. $SYSROOT/usr/bin)
- add exec attribute if necessary (chmod 755 $SYSROOT/usr/bin/srf_decrypt)


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# srf_decrypt <full_path_to_srf_file>
ex: srf_decrypt /opt/storage/usb/sda2/CONTENTS/19700101022506.srf
- a new .ts file will be created in the same directory containing the .srf file. Make sure enough free space is available.

Change log:- v0.1 - First release
- v0.2 - Fixed support for files larger than 2Gb
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