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Flashing Other Regions Firmware over Original Firmware

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:29 pm
by BecauseItIsThere
To gain access to features such as PVR on the UN40KU6300 (the american model which does not permit PVR), is it possible to flash the EU or UK version of firmware to the television? Apparently the UK equivalent version of the television is UE40KU6000. I read that only US and Canada have the PVR restricted. I have downloaded the firmware from the Samsung UK site but have not attempted to flash it yet as I just got the TV.

Are we able to flash firmware without access to Service Menu? Has anybody tried to do this? Does anyone know if there is any physical difference between the KU6300 (american) and the KU3000 (EU)?

If this can be done, this is probably one of the most desired things from a US/Canada point of view and if flashing can be done without Service Menu access, then that may address a significant group of people. I have a LN32B360 that I am willing to try it on if anyone has any interest.