[App] SamyGO STFU mod D(arm)/E/F

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Re: [App] SamyGO STFU mod D(arm)/E/F

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I have installed this STFU mod on a D6500 @ 1027 with SamyGO 1.2.5. The channelinfo, timeshift_info and the recording reminder are gone much faster now. But not all configuration options seem to work.

Should this mod affect the "Started recording" popup for scheduled recordings displayed below? Because after applying this mod it is still on screen for 30! seconds. What were those Samsung engineers thinking? Extremely annoying watching a different source with scheduled recordings in the background.


Code: Select all

[STFU] SamyGO STFU mod v0.3.4 D(arm)/E/F - (c) bugficks 2013
[STFU] * D Series - (null) *
[STFU] Patching XXX timeout to 1000 ms @0xad6628 [0].
[STFU] Patching XXX timeout to 500 ms @0x209ca84 [0].
[STFU] Patching XXX timeout to 500 ms @0x223c440 [0].
[STFU] Patching USBPopupWnd timeout to 500 ms @0x22a6530 .
[STFU] Patching ReminderWindow timeout to 100 ms @0x18422d0.
[STFU] init done...
At least the recording reminder has been turned into just a flash, but the USB Popup when connecting a USB device is also displayed far longer than 500ms. It's not bothering me because when I plug in the USB device I have the remote control nearby anyway, but maybe it's useful information.


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Re: [App] SamyGO STFU mod D(arm)/E/F

Post by juusso »

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