Help! Garbled video only in Movie or 3D modes.

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Help! Garbled video only in Movie or 3D modes.

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Greetings, I was recently given a non-functioning UN55ES6600FXZA. The device had the power problem when after pressing the power button, the status LED would flash, a click heard, then restart and would continue the cycle until unplugged. I ordered both the power supply board and main board directly from Samsung Parts. The power board part number BN44-00521A and main board part number BN94-06153K which apparently supersedes the original main board part number BN94-05656M. I replaced the boards and updated the firmware (side note, I replaced the power board first but it did not resolve the issue, the issue was with the main board). It appeared the TV was working beautifully. As I was exploring the menus and features of the TV, I discovered that there are a few modes or settings that send the display into a locked state or a garbled appearance. Instead of trying to describe the modes that cause garbled video, I have uploaded three YouTube videos that demonstrate the behavior. I am frankly stumped about this. If you are able to possibly help, first, thank you. Also, please know I have performed basic steps such a reseating the LVDS flex cable and resetting all settings. Fortunately, I have been able to enjoy the TV as long as I don't attempt to put the device in the above mentioned modes. I've been racking my brain on this and have no idea what the problem is. It is also impossible to see what the settings are in the menus when the display is distorted so I can't make corrections without risking bricking the TV which I don't want to do.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

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