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Welcome to SamyGO

Post by juusso »

Hello :)
Have questions? Read SamyGO Wiki, Search on forum first!
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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by arris69 »

if somebody got the device don't forget to request linux sources from samsung: https://opensource.samsung.com/index.jsp (then web mail at the right side)


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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by sweetpiggy »

Hi All :)

just brougt samsung UE40ES8000 tv :)

i'm VERY neewbe on smart tv/internet tv etc...
but i've some skill on pc use/modding... many competence on android (i've a galaxy nexus) modding/hacking/customizing etc.... :)

i WANT the best from my brand new tv... (first thing in my mind: ROOT XD)
i hope can find some help here on samyGo (and, under our guide, i can provide all info about my tv, make some tests )

see you soon :)

p.s. sorry for my bad english :)
p.s.2. if someone need... can find me on xda-dev as 'sweetpiggy' XD

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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by maxprasak »

Hi all,

I'm just also bought new ES-line TV - UE46ES7000 ! :D

I'm new in this forum, but I hope I can help with something, because I'm working in IT and I have many experience with some devices like PC, TV, Mobil and also some programing in Asm/C/C++.

So can someone write me how can I help you?

Cheers from Czech Republic!
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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by mauricio »

Hi All,

I bought last week a new UE55ES8090. What do I love the picture! SmartHub is great, but what do I hate AllShare. And I have a problem with CI+ this because it's a German version and want it to change to Benelux. Did tried the TVCommunicator, of course it didn't work.

Can't wait when there's a way to root access it.

Bye from NL.

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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by hotair83 »

Sample recordings personal video recorder PVR
The file copied using UFS Explorer 4.9.2
Perhaps these records will help in decrypting the recorded material.
Waiting for new version DeSTRoi

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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by taviron »

I guess the main work with porting DeSTRoi to the E-Series is getting the DRM-Key from the .mdb file. But to find the key inside (if it is there), we first have to get root access, getting Samygo to run / extract the key from the system and then compare it with the .mdb data. Hopefully this will work some day - as far as I read the root access is already possible...

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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by hotair83 »


Service remote for ES6100
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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by Catfish »

Hi everyone!

I recently bought a UA40ES6600 TV. It is my first LCD panel TV (I have held out for a decade on buying a new TV) and it's great! I like the integration it has to my home network, DLNA works pretty well but I still find it is not as versatile and stable as good old Samba.

Hopefully in the future the community here can help me to get more from my TV then when I purchased it. :)

My wish list for what my TV could do would be:

1. Media player front end similar to XBMC (something that accesses Samba shares on network)
2. Ability to save/record streamed content, ideally with a schedule system. Ability to notify me when something isrecorded and ready for viewing.
3. Ability to notify my other devices when a program is coming on. Don't know why this wouldn't be included in the stock smart TV system actually?
4. Play android games nah gammon! I'll wait for the Ouya to do that :D

Since the E series is the latest, is there anything I can do to contribute to anything needed toward getting this series hacked?

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Re: Welcome to SamyGO

Post by bal0000 »

Hi guys!

Owner of EU40EH5300P xzt

itching to hack

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