DIY-Samsung 3dtv support SimulView option (update edid)

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DIY-Samsung 3dtv support SimulView option (update edid)

Post by nitrogen14 »

would like play SimulView games on my 50" plasma.
Image ... -view.html

1.i need to update EDID to activate simulview mode edid from ps3 3d display
a)fake edid with HDMI Detective Plus(work) ... st21400421

b)update edid on my tv. how i can make it?

Code: Select all

Raw data
00,FF,FF,FF,FF,FF,FF,00,4C,65,01,03,E9,FD,0F,00,24,15,01,03, 80,34,1E,78,0A,EE,95,A3,54,4C,99,26,
0F,50,54,21,08,00,81,80,01,01,01,01,01,01,01,01,01,01,01,01, 01,01,02,3A,80,18,71,38,2D,40,58,2C,
45,00,0A,26,21,00,00,1E,01,1D,00,72,51,D0,1E,20,6E,28,55,00, 0A,26,21,00,00,1E,00,00,00,FD,00,3A,
3E,1E,50,11,00,0A,20,20,20,20,20,20,00,00,00,FC,00,53,43,45, 49,20,4D,4F,4E,49,54,4F,52,0A,01,BF

a)samsung glasses hardware mode (to Show 2D Left or Right Frame Only) ... #msg141571 (work fine)
b)sony ps 3d glasses + ir ermitter with(simulview 3d sinc) (in work with arduino board) at time i can use ps 3d glasses on serie d ... #msg143290
c)dream if hdmi 4 on send simulview codes from tv to sony ps 3d glasses(in my dreams :) )

can anybody help me to rewrite edid?

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Re: DIY-Samsung 3dtv support SimulView option (update edid)

Post by juusso »

Nice feature for really smart TV. Marked topic sticky.
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Re: DIY-Samsung 3dtv support SimulView option (update edid)

Post by erdem_ua »

I really love this hack nitro!
Wonder if does it possible with D series...
Sbav probably show us that how could we re-write edid data :)

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Re: DIY-Samsung 3dtv support SimulView option (update edid)

Post by Gtaz19 »

I did the hack without using any code. All I did was modify the glasses.

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