Native frequency of K and KU series panels (Europe)?

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Native frequency of K and KU series panels (Europe)?

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Are all of the panels of European 2016 year models of K6*** and KU6*** series 50/60 Hz native frequency?
Are all of them edge-lit?
My confusion comes from American www sites ( and others), but models for American market (UN) might be different.
Which 2016 K/KU models for EU were of native 100/120 Hz panel freuqency (as better suited for watching sports like football, voleyball and tennis)?
I'd like to slightly improve from my HU6900 set, which is awfull for watching sports, esp. from satellite SD channels (while HD channels are some acceptable) not spending a $$$ (so looking for cheapest 100/120 Hz HD/UHD 2015/2016 model).

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Re: Native frequency of K and KU series panels (Europe)?

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In the UHD range the 7 series is the cheapest featuring native 100hz VA panels, 5 and 6 series tv's only got 50hz panels.

I just bought the german model of the KS7000(UE49KS7090), it's the cheapest 2016 UHD model featuring a nativ 100hz VA panel.

Pricewise it should be starting at ~1100 ?

Other then the difference between curved or flat, both tv models in the 7 series are identical, so they both got a 100hz panel natively and are using edge-backlight.

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Re: Native frequency of K and KU series panels (Europe)?

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