How many/which variants of Samsung TV?

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How many/which variants of Samsung TV?

Post by tuxuser »

Hi everybody, hey devs,

Is there a summarized information table/chart where all TV Series and models are listed - in relation to their cpu architecture / chipsets?
So for developing a library/patch.. You know how many different chipsets you have to implement support for?

Maybe I overlooked this information in the wiki or it was scattered around the place, I would appreciate a push in the right direction.

Thanks guys

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Re: How many/which variants of Samsung TV?

Post by zoelechat »

Libs/patches are only firmware dependent, and there are not so many. About 2~5 per series and most code is common or similar across fw and across series (still no idea if Tizen implies radical change, but I doubt they restarted from scratch).
Segmentation is artificial and one serie per year constraint is no more than commercial practice (people are always proud to own "latest" model, even if former was better...)
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