Rooting LATEST K series?

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Re: Rooting LATEST K series?

Post by zoelechat » Sun Sep 16, 2018 7:38 pm

You really think we're giving random boundaries? I personnally sacrificed a mainboard for everybody to know "up to 1169"...
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Re: Rooting LATEST K series?

Post by sectroyer » Mon Sep 17, 2018 6:00 pm

ansgar wrote:
Sun Sep 16, 2018 6:40 pm
Some responses in this forum are quite rude. It is not a question of math, but whether the exploit used to root the TV is still applicable for the newer firmware releases.
I have explained multiple times. NONE of my sploits will EVER work on "latest fw". If you have something like that block updates and wait till your fw becomes OLD. Once it's old I might have something :)
I do NOT support "latest fw" at ALL. If you have one you should block updates on router and wait for it to STOP being "latest":)
If you want me to help you please paste FULL log(s) to "spoiler"/"code" bbcodes or provide link(s) to pasted file(s) on Otherwise "NO HELP"!!!
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Re: Rooting LATEST K series?

Post by juusso » Tue Sep 18, 2018 2:31 pm

Rude but true and honest answer. Sad we do not have any estimate time, when new firmware become old enough to expect something special from you, sectroyer :|
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Re: Rooting LATEST K series?

Post by Misterblue31 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:26 am

Hello, I have a UE55KS8000 with firmware 1222, European T-JZMDEUC.
I would like to know how to downgrade this firmware if it is possible and that it is the technique to downgrade a firmware K (I read a topic for the J version with firmware 00000, but did not find enough detail for understand)

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