55D8000 and Wifi N ...hmmm...

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55D8000 and Wifi N ...hmmm...

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If I got it correctly, the 55D8000 should have a WIFI N dongle.

I just got a Wifi N router and I made some tests.

This is wat I got:

TV side:
dd if=/dev/zero bs=8M count=16|ncat 192.168.X.Y 8888 --send-only (where x.y is the ip of my desktop pc)

PC Side:
ncat -l -p 8888 |dd of=/dev/null

With an ethernet connection I get, as expected:
134217728 bytes (128.0MB) copied, 12.748877 seconds, 10.0MB/s

Which is correct.

With wifi connection I get:
134217728 bytes (128.0MB) copied, 33.220224 seconds, 3.9MB/s

Which is about 40 megabit (considering the tcp/ip ovehead+latencies etc etc)

Did anyone get MORE that that?
Who is the culprit? TV of Router?

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Re: 55D8000 and Wifi N ...hmmm...

Post by erdem_ua »

Does router is in same room with TV?

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Re: 55D8000 and Wifi N ...hmmm...

Post by Aloyz »

If router have too weak signal speed drops (802.11 n operates with different speed when signal strenght change). Put stronger router antena and chceck again.

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Re: 55D8000 and Wifi N ...hmmm...

Post by gooseye »

Also bear in mind that the wifi module appears to interface to a Realtek RTL8201 10/100 capable ethernet transceiver; thus the wifi-N module may never exceed 100Mbit/s ??

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