SamygoPVR - Record TV over USB or network location.

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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by openikev2 »

smartsmurf wrote:sondeu (and other who want to try this on CIP devices): please find attached another version with source code attached.
It removes unsupported (e.g. DTS) or defective audio streams. Audio switching works partially. At least using the switch-stop-play procedure. I also added avrfix2 in order to change aspect ratio while movie playback.

It is important to have the following two lines in pvr.ini

Code: Select all

They switch off the normal (non-CIP) version and enable the CIP version of the audio switch module.

Please note: this is not an official release, but just a hack based on the samygopvr release 0.10.2.

Good luck and best regards,

this last version solves the problem with recorded media, but has 2 main erros on my TV (LE40B650 CI+). First, if I load it after having loaded a different PVR application before (e.g. previous version), when I try to play a media, TV is restarted. Once restarted, PVR can be loaded and any recorded media can be played without problem. However, then any "not recorded" media is played without sound.

Do you have any idea of what could be happening?
I'm not in front of TV now, but I can provide you with the log files if you think they are relevant.

Best regards,

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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by gchirtoaca »


I tried this last version on CI+ B653T5P. Here is the result:
- the recorded media seems directly playable now, image and sound are OK. I don't need to repair it.
- the aspect ratio works
- the application always uses /dtv/usb/sda1 path for recording, even if I have a different one defined
- the icons are not displayed, instead some TV messages appear, like "VCR", "TV", etc


Edit: I was using GeoPVR 0.6, maybe that's why I see different behavior.
Samsung LE37B653T5PXZG, T-CHLCIPDEUC 2008.2 firmware, Advanced Mode Patch

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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by erdem_ua »

pjslf wrote:Hi, is it possible to run the PVR+ application on B550 (CHL5DEUC) via injectso or it does not meet requirements?
I can say that your "code" support but don't know if it has required GUI functions. I remember that some PVR versions are works But don't know if latest PVR+ is compatible or not.
Also your firmware is important too. Samsung decide to remove PVR functions from TV with firmwares after Feb2010....

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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by rnemec »


Some detailed how-to for recording to NTFS USB?
I've tried to record yesterday, but no luck, here are my steps:
  1. my flash is 16GB Corsair Voyager, about 1GB free space, formatted to NTFS via Windows 7; my TV is LE37B650
  2. I took fuse.ko from SamyGo extensions, copied it to TV (via FTP extension)
  3. performed insmod fuse.ko and then verified using lsmod, that fuse.ko is loaded
  4. installed NTFS-3G from USB and
  5. then start it via Content Library
  6. installed PVR+ 1.5
  7. started PVR+ and performed setup to record to NTFS USB flash
  8. after i clicked Record button, it immediately says "LOW FREE SPACE!" and recording stops (panel says something about 10MB was recorded)
  9. USB has no recording on it
tried to poweroff and repeat steps 3,5 and 7 serveral times, but no luck. Everything I've got was "NTFS filesystem is unsupported"or "Low free space". What I am missing here?

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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by majonezz »

rinaldinicri wrote:I have the following problem:
The recorded .TS file are NOT playable on the TV mediaplayer.
I can play them on PC and on PS3.
Is there some fix to solve the problem?

LE40B650 (CI+) T-CHLCIPDEUC-2006.0
Try to run DTS downmix app and then try again to display those files.
Good luck.

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Re: SamygoPVR - Record TV over USB or network location.

Post by minotavrs »

?i all i download and install SamyApps ( ... p/download)
with SamyGO PVR but i dont know how it works..

I try to record with rec button to my usb disk but nothing happens

My Samsung TV is UE46B7000 (CI model)

can you help me?

thanks in advance

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Re: SamygoPVR - Record TV over USB or network location.

Post by mjuti »

Hi mates,

I am on patched fw with le55b650 and with this extension I can finally record dvb-t on nas through nfs. My only problem is that it has no sound on tv when playing back, but no problem on pc through nfs with vlc ( xubuntu )
Searching through this topic what I have found out so far that dca and audio swithch helps nothing and that it first has to be remuxed before palying back on tv. I have Avidemux ( linux ) installed, what should I do exactly with the recorded -ts file in order to get sound on tv, too?

Thanks in advance, mjuti

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Re: Record TV over USB

Post by mjuti »

Sorry for unintentional double posting

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Re: SamygoPVR - Record TV over USB or network location.

Post by maxpoz »

Who can help me?

I installed on pvr + mu UE46B7000, it works!
I found the menu Pvr (menu + rec) but I want to figure out how to record on pc on the network

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