Is it possible to root UE55H8000?

Here is information about customize your H series firmware.

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Re: Is it possible to root UE55H8000?

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Samsung UE55H8000 FW T-GFPDEUC-1171.2
Routing via skype or Rooting H on latest firmwares?

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Re: Is it possible to root UE55H8000?

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The trick with wav files and IR extender for surely works, but:
- the waw files should be played from WMP
- the signal must be as strong as possible, that means that I played it from my Sony stereo through headphones out, and i had to turn the volume to the max AND I had to tape IR extender to the TV so it was touching it (the place where I taped IR extender was from the left side of the TV's LED indicator)

So, I played wav files from the WMP and it all worked, although not all as expected - FACTORY+3SPEED_inv.wav and 3SPEED_from_REMOTE_inv.wav don't open Advanced/Extended menu any more. (with the firmware 2790.1).

I hope some will find the right combination soon...
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Re: Is it possible to root UE55H8000?

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Do you get visual feedback that the IR code was received (e.g. does the power LED on the TV blink when sending the code)?
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Re: Is it possible to root UE55H8000?

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sectroyer wrote:
Bean wrote:Thank you very much, sectroyer!
A last question :roll: ;) : is oscam incl. pvr available for GFPDEUC ?
Oscam yes. PVR not yet :)
Hello Sectroyer,

I do not find the information, where to get the oscam and how to install on H8090 Series (UE55H8090 - SW 1240)
TV is rooted without skype method.
Telnet login is possible now.

Do I need the oscam package from Tanjasoft? I found no valid informations about the GFPDEUC firmware.
Documentation / settings?

And yes - i have used google and board search - but didn't find the right results :(

Greetings & ty ...

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