[ROOT] H "Network" root (FW<=Oct.2015, no T-GFS)

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Re: [ROOT] H "Network" root (FW<=Oct.2015, no T-GFS)

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I confirm - I was able to DOWNGRADE my UE65HU8200, T-GFP8DEUC from 2410.0 to 0000.

There are 4 root methods:
Skype (ended since there is no Skype)
SkypeReplacement (FW <1290)
SkypeRefueled (FW <2150.9)
Network root (FW <1290)

Which one is the best? newest?

In the first post it is said that the last possible firmware version for Network root is 1290. Where can I find so old firmware? (the earliest in libFWdowngrade thread is: 2130.6).

Thanx for answering!

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