Warning : Read Me First or Brick Your TV!

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Warning : Read Me First or Brick Your TV!

Post by erdem_ua »

Before you attempt any changes on your TV, please consider that:
  • - all information provided in this forum and WIKI is for informational purposes only and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY
    - even the smallest mistake is likely to turn your shiny device into a useless but expensive BRICK
    - modifying the Firmware on your device will definitely VOID YOUR WARRANTY
    - you accept that you do everything at YOUR OWN RISK
None of the admins, moderators nor the authors of articles take responsibility for possible damages on your devices!

Please also check out the SamyGo WIKI, before posting a question that may have already been addressed.
Also don't forget to use the search function, so that we can keep our community of interested TV hackers busy with new stuff ;)

Please note that do NOT feel sorry about english. It's not our native language either.

Good Luck and Enjoy ...

Regards and have a fun.

PS: About your forum activation problems, you can use samygo.project@gmail.com address.


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