Warning : Firmware upgrade and root E/F/H/J/K/M/N/Q/R/...

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Warning : Firmware upgrade and root E/F/H/J/K/M/N/Q/R/...

Post by zoelechat »

To keep your TV rooted and/or rootable, it's absolutely necessary to NEVER do any official firmware upgrade. Even if you could think "bigger number is better", these updates never bring any new feature nor anything positive.

Furthermore, on E/F/H series you have to disable OTN support in service menu to prevent automatic online updates to be done without prior notice.

How To Disable Firmware Updates
In case you notice OTN support is greyed out, check second post of this thread for how to block updates on router level.
To be mandatorily done from J and up if you expect root one day, don't tell you were not warned!!
  • E/F series
    • All ("smart"=having Smarthub) models on all firmwares are rootable, using procedure(s) found in public forum.
  • H-series
    • Rootable versions are corresponding to firmwares "up to October 2015". For now no root possible after that deadline.
    • T-MST14DEUC: firmware less than 2790 ("less than" means NOT included !!)
    • T-GFPxDEUC: firmwares less than 1290
    • T-NT14UDEUC: firmware less than 1050
    • T-GFSDEUC: all firmwares (not concerned by Oct.15 limit)
      Beware that we don't have enough non-European models feedback to provide reliable info. Same goes for some low-ends such as T-NT14M.
    If your current firmware is "out of range", check here and there for possible downgrade.
  • J-series
    • T-HK* firmwares up to 1480 (included)
    • T-NT14MJ* firmwares up to ?? (no feedback yet, check "H network root" topic)
  • K-series (Access to project donor's only)
    • T-JZ* firmwares up to 1169 (included)
    • T-HKMFK* firmwares up to 1169
    • Downgrade of firmwares 1201 to 1241 Image
  • M-series/Q (2017) (Access to project donor's only)
    • T-KTM test root for early firmwares (no boundaries available yet, probably < 1200) Image
  • N/QN/R/QR/etc...
    • NO root released yet. Be prepared to possibly no root at all.

Don't forget to block updates on router ASAP, otherwise NEVER root!

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Block updates on router level

Post by blackbox »

Here I won't detail how to use your router, you're supposed to know it :)

You have to block these domains (=ALL URLs containing, including https!!):

Code: Select all

Such error messages on update reliably show that updates are successfully blocked:
Block msecnd.net and samsungotn.net.jpg
Image 2 system setup
Such one indicates that updates are NOT blocked, but that TV was able to check no new firmware was available:
test.samsungotn.net and http://www.samsungotn.ne and samsungotn.nett.jpg
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!!!! Block OTN Update with Rooter !!!!


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