FW Rollback on LN40C650

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Re: FW Rollback on LN40C650

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- Are the fw region dependent ? i.e a LE firmware will work on a LN TV ?
I do not know about C series, but B series TV won`t work with different region firmware. Here are few tv, where after such upgrade (firmwares have been accepted to upgrade) no USB ports working. Be careful, i do`t think you should do it.
-To rollback the firmware should I just edit /mtd_rwarea/Version.1 and upload the new fw by using the TV normal update process ?
Yes, but at first check if Version.1 or Version.0 exist on your system.
- Can I use the firmware from C6700 posted on http://sourceforge.net/apps/phpbb/samyg ... f=7&t=1015 ?
Yes, but you can brick your tv because of different region.

Notice. As i wrote in another topic, here was no active model in service menu to change to. Can you confirm?
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