How to change your Internet@TV region

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Re: How to change your Internet@TV region

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Hi Guys, great work.. Im living in Ireland but I changed my country to UK in the hope of watching BBC iPlayer.. It did not work because as stated above It checks IP Address to make sure they are within the UK.. I faced this same problem using BBC iPlayer from my PC but there was a workaround in the form of various pieces of software, for example which as far as I know creates a virtual private network & assigns a UK IP address. Is there any hope that we could use a similar technique on rooted TV's to Trick the BBC iPlayer or NETFLIX? Thanks Guys & Keep up the good work

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Re: How to change your Internet@TV region

Post by AdamantUK »

Hi Guys,

I've got an LE46C750 running 2011/06/03_003009 and this doesn't work for me.

I do the first step enabling hotel mode, then get to the second step of going into the hotel mode and enabling "copy tv to usb" but when I go up to sub option there's no more entries appeared!

I'm using the "return" button to go back, I take it this is right?

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Re: How to change your Internet@TV region

Post by beatfreak »

while looking for an option to get bbc iplayer working in Germany i found this : unlockUS Guide for Samsung TV

short: at internet@tv homescreen press ">>"(fast forward), "2", "8", "9", "<<" (fast reverse)

and you will get some beautiful OSD menu to select your region 8-)
no messing with service menu !
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Re: How to change your Internet@TV region

Post by caderz4000 »

Can I ask which aps you can get? Do you get many of the catch up tv channels? I have a UE32C6500 firmware T-Valduec 3011.0 which I have turned the PVR mode on by following the guide on here :D I have seen recently 5 On Demand & I think 4 On Demand should be available on Samsung tv's, but I don't get them. I only get BBC iPlayer ap for catch up TV. Any tips / suggestions on how to get more catch up channels welcome ;) Thanks

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