T-VALDEUC 3011.0

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Re: T-VALDEUC 3011.0

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Great idea! plasticassius, thanks a lot for the tip!

Especially thanks to huffyk for
huffyk wrote:So I had to update widget hack code to delete also these new 2 files. Afterwards TV's USB was working again. .
I fell into the same trap (while I was creating them my son pressed "power off" on remote :( ). So I lost USB at all, modifying the widget (as per huffyk suggestion) has eliminated the hassle of the hotel mode hack.

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Re: T-VALDEUC 3011.0

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you don't need the hotplug scripts in /mtd_rwarea/usb_mount/ at all, the os only uses them if it finds them there, if not it uses their originals in /sbin/
//UE40C6500 @ T-VALDEUC 3011 // rooted manual HotelMode style // PVR to NFS via 18MB on-the-fly sparse XFS //
FYI: you can close your ssh session with SamyGO with

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