Looking for the best firmware

Here is information about customize your C series firmware..:!:This forum is NOT FOR DUMMY USERS questions or problems but DEVELOPER.
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Looking for the best firmware

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I don't want to hack my TV (LE40C650) I'm just looking for the firmware which has the best picture quality even if i play low resolution movies.
Yesterday I upgraded the firmware from 3009 to the newest 3015 and some low resolution tv series from my USB pendrive seems to me more noisy, pixeled like before. Or is it only my imagination?? So what are you recommended guys, to which firmware should I downgrade to get the best picture quality? I don't want to play "exotic" filetypes too, so I don't mind if I can not play 3d MP4 files and so on.
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Looking for the best firmware

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You can try each firmware has been released ever and tell us about result.
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