[SOLVED]HELP! bricked UE40C6700!

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Re: [SOLVED]HELP! bricked UE40C6700!

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zeqineja wrote: I even tried the EEPROM reset before that but fortunately it didn't work :). The photo of my board is identical to that of the UAxxC6200 model in the wikis (identical!, even the numbers and letters printed in the area), but interrupting the two indicated pins for some reason didn't work.
I have sense, i know why this didn`t work on your TV - there is wrong chip marked. I can`t confirm this yet, but if anyone could help me in research of proper eeprom...?
All what`s needed - hi-res photos of mainboard front and back side + separate photos of 8-pin chips to see labels on the chips. Especially interested in back side chips. Thanks!
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