Downgrade from 3018.1, Please help!!!

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Downgrade from 3018.1, Please help!!!

Post by miky2001 »

Hello, i'm new here so congrats for this amazing board...

I have a ps50c7000 and i was very happy with firm 1016, but i read that 3018 was better and it's not for 3d. I've been reading here for weeks but still i have a lot of doubts about what to do.

My tv is connected to the same network than pc and router but i can't connect via telnet. What's the best (and easier) way to do it? i don't have Linux but w7.

And what to do when i connect via telnet? i don't need to hack the tv (too risky for me) but i need to downgrade. I've read post viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6318#p44608 but i don't know if i have to copy those line and that's all... or if i need some files... i'm lost, sorry

so please, can someone explain point to point how to connect via telnet and then how to downgrade? I've read some posts of people with the same problem, so i think it will be a great help.

Thank you very much for your time!!!

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Re: Downgrade from 3018.1, Please help!!!

Post by beatfreak »

the post you mentioned ist only for already hacked TVs

later in this thread goemi stated that installing the 0000 fw from usb won't work for 3018 fw

so hacking would be the only option that is left, sorry
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Re: Downgrade from 3018.1, Please help!!!

Post by kerimcem »

:? Waiting for few months :((((((

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Re: Downgrade from 3018.1, Please help!!!

Post by juusso »

kerimcem wrote::? Waiting for few months :((((((
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