Lower signal strengh after update VALDEUC 3018.1

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Lower signal strengh after update VALDEUC 3018.1

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Hi , just after update from T-VALDEUC_3009.2 to T-VALDEUC_3018.1 i realised that i couldn't see some channels that were right before ,then i checked the
signal strengh for those channels and they are tunned in with low signal strengh (between 0 and 30) but others works good (60-80).
I'm in Spain and when i downloaded the firmware i did from the UK website ... i guess that problems come from the updating because
i've discarded other source problems trying with other cables and TV's connected to the same TV connection,and also conecting Samsung
TV in other places of the house... now i'm thinking in downgrade but before begin i would like to know if it has happened to somebody else and
if there is any other way different to hack TV because my linux knowledge it's quite obsolete (from mandrake 7.. :O ) and i'm afraid to brick TV
so it would be the last option before going to the technical service...

Note : TV is out of warranty.

Model TV : UE40C6620UWXXC

Thanks and sorry for my bad english!

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Re: Lower signal strengh after update VALDEUC 3018.1

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I don't think the problem is related to firmware update. If you have a channel list backup try to delete all channels and restore it.the firmware are for all eu country so if you download the update from samsung uk and not samsung es there is no problem.

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