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Can't find the Kernel Sources for UE32C5100

Posted: Wed Aug 13, 2014 3:13 pm
by argi

I am trying to compile a wifi adapter driver for my Samsung TV UE32C5100.

I've followed the Hack_over_Hotel_Mode_without_USB_disk_(most_C_series_models) tutorial and I can now connect to my TV via SSH. ... es_models)

Now I am following the Compiling wifi adapter driver tutorial and I'm stuck in the "Prepare kernel sources" part. I can't find the kernel sources for my TV model on the Samsung site ( ... ter_driver

I can't find this anywhere.
Where can I find the kernel sources for my TV model?

This is the toolchain I think I have to use: VDLinux-mips34kc-toolchain-lite-20100223.tar.xz

This is my tv cpuinfo:
> cat /proc/cpuinfo
system type : MStar Titania3
processor : 0
cpu model : MIPS 34Kc V5.4
BogoMIPS : 351.23
wait instruction : yes
microsecond timers : yes
tlb_entries : 16
extra interrupt vector : yes
hardware watchpoint : yes, count: 4, address/irw mask: [0x0000, 0x0900, 0x0f20, 0x0b60]
ASEs implemented : mips16 dsp mt
shadow register sets : 1
core : 0
VCED exceptions : not available
VCEI exceptions : not available