LE40C750 - SamyGo or stick?

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LE40C750 - SamyGo or stick?

Post by MatLCFC »

I have a LE40C750. The firmware I currently have is 2011/10/10_003011.

I use a USB stick to record Freeview HD on the standard samsung TV guide.
Then I insert USB stick to PC drag the folder to PC hard drive (using UFS Explorer Professional Recovery) & decrpyt recordings using Destroi 1.3.3.

It all works... but I have been using the standard TV guide & the PVR functions are pretty poor.
I can't find away to add a few miutes either side to recordings so program starts/finishes are missed sometimes.
Also, the samsung guide doesn't allow repeat timers. So I have to select programs to record everyday.

Recently I have tried using Guide plus+. But, it is not functioning properly...
I am able to enter manual settings for recordings e.g. 3.58pm - 4.32pm & do repeat timers e.g. Mon-Fri.
However, couple of problems... the EPG is not pulling the names for programs on some channels (mainly the HD ones). that is not a major headache as I can manual name recordings.
The BIG problem with Guide Plus+ is that a couple of recordings on ITV HD work fine everytime but timers on Channel 4 HD just keep failing for some reason. When I have watched what happens when timer kicks in for channel 4 HD recordings.. my tv seems to select the wrong channel (Viva today)
& I don't even get a file created in the media folder. Very strange.

I wondering whether to upgrade the firmware... will that add better PVR functions? What version should I go to... I need to be sure that Destroi will still work with later firmware.

Or should I try SamyGo. I presume it does have an improved Guide/PVR I can use?
Is it easy for me to install. Reading the wiki I believe I have to roll back to the 0000 firmware first?

Sorry for the long post... thought it was best to give as much info as possible. Advice would be really appeciated. Thanks :D

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Re: LE40C750 - SamyGo or stick?

Post by beatfreak »

SamyGo will not give you the improved Guide/PVR Functions you think of, you'll still work with the stock Guide and Timers, IIRC there was a patch that lets you add extra minutes to start and end of recordings
I also think someone made an attempt to externally inject planned recordings, but i dont know how successful that was.
There were no documented improvements through firmware updates.
SamyGo could add a bit of convenience by storing your recordings uncrypted and if you want to on a network share.
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