UN65LS003 Bluetooth & WiFi Intermittent

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UN65LS003 Bluetooth & WiFi Intermittent

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I’ve been struggling to fix a problem on my 2017/2018 Frame TV. Remote unpairs and wifi is lost intermittently. Resets occasionally (quits whatever I’m doing to black screen, then shows The Frame logo and then Home Screen)

What I’ve tried:
Pairing remote (often gives “Not Available” message), starts blinking red
Powering off, unplugging TV, remote
Trying remote on another set (works fine)
Updating Firmware (fully updated)
Replaced wifi module
Replaced main board
Tested voltages at main board, wifi module, main SMPS, One Connect SMPS (expected voltages intermittently lower than expected at module, mirroring the loss of wifi/BT function).
Disabled BT in service settings (still occasionally reset)
Disabled wifi in service settings (still occasionally reset)
Disabled Watchdog (“seems” to not be resetting, but wifi and BT still lost intermittently)

More info:
Error counts are high for BT & WiFi, but also for Serdes Error count (I suspect this has something to do with One Connect. Not sure)

I’m hoping someone here has some ideas?

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