[App] samyGOrc for C series

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[App] samyGOrc for C series

Post by sectroyer » Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:15 pm

This app allows sending remote keys to tv from command line / shell scripts. Multiple keys are also supported :) List of keys is in samyGOrc_test file. Sample usage:

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 ./samyGOrc -p `pidof exeDSP`  -d 15
This command will send MUTE to TV :)
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Re: [App] samyGOrc for C series

Post by juusso » Tue Mar 25, 2014 5:32 pm

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Re: [App] samyGOrc for C series

Post by greenhorn » Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:51 pm

Great! # ./samyGOrc -p `pidof exeDSP` -d 15
samyGOrc v0.7.1 (c) bugficks 2013 updated to work on C by sectroyer 2014
symbol: mprotect -> @0x42cf51a0
mprotect: 0x42cf51a0
symbol: sleep -> @0x42cc4b40
sleepaddr: 0x42cc4b40
SHM, created: 1
symbol: _ZTI8PCThread -> @0x01b9084c
PCThread: : 0x1b9084c
String '15KeyInputCreator' found at: 0x01baddd0
_ZN15KeyInputCreator12NewKeyCommonEv found at: 0x0020f168
symbol: _ZN9TDBuilder8GetTDiCPE16TDSourceObject_k -> @0x002dd460
symbol: _fini -> @0x01aacb24
text range: @0x0025d460 -> @0x0015d460
rodata range: @0x01aacb24 -> @0x03cacb24
Found SendKeyPressInput at @0x0024546c
symbol: _ZN9TDBuilder8GetTDiCPE16TDSourceObject_k -> @0x002dd460
symbol: _fini -> @0x01aacb24
text range: @0x0025d460 -> @0x0015d460
rodata range: @0x01aacb24 -> @0x03cacb24
Found SendKeyReleaseInput at @0x0024558c
_ZN9KeyCommon17SendKeyPressInputEiis address: 0x00245330
_ZN9KeyCommon19SendKeyReleaseInputEi address: 0x002454c4
pc=42a64158 lr=42a67928 sp=bee668e0 fp=bee66934
r0=fffffe00 r1=0
r2=1 r3=0
stack: 0xbee52000-0xbee67000 length = 86016
executing injection code at 0xbee667e8
library injection completed!
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